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As the oldest civic organization in Madison, funded entirely by members and grant donations, we take our role as the protector of the town's history very seriously. Essential to our mission is preserving and protecting the unique historical, architectural and cultural character of Madison. These structures are visual reminders of our shared past and represent the stories that are central to Madison's charm. We believe that preserving the past and providing leadership that encourages broad public engagement is the key to safeguarding our history and strengthening our community ties.

Homes Plaqued by the Madison Historical Soceity

House Name
Narrative Link
  17 Beach Avenue Edwin and Mary Watrous House 1847  
  446 Boston Post Road Hamilton W. Scranton House c. 1837  
534 Boston Post Road
Jonathan Trumbull Lee House
c. 1828  
  826 Boston Post Road Willcox-Scranton-Miner House c. 1789 Click Here
835 Boston Post Road
Abraham J. Meyers House
c. 1822  
845 Boston Post Road
Dr. Daniel M. Webb House
c. 1844  
853 Boston Post Road
Allis-Bushnell House
c. 1785 Click Here
943 Boston Post Road
Susan J. Hart Tearoom
c. 1925  
206 Durham Road
Reuben Bartlett, Jr. House
c. 1765  
2199 Durham Road
Davis-Burr House
c. 1830 Click Here
26 Gull Rock Road
Davenport Cottage South
c. 1925  
623 Green Hill Road
David Field House
c. 1720 Click Here
164 Horse Pond
Jedediah Coe House
c. 1751  
22 Lee Way
Henry Lee House
c. 1835  
33 Liberty Street
Phineas Griswold House
69 Liberty Street
Deacon Abel Hoyt House
c. 1805  
100 Liberty Street
Billy Dowd House
c. 1794  
113 Liberty Street
Hubbard Dowd House
137 Liberty Street
William T. Graves House
c. 1874  
69 Lovers Lane
C.H. Carstensen House
c. 1850  
43 Middle Beach
Crossley-Kelley House
c. 1890  
79 Middle Beach
Godman House
c. 1868  
113 Middle Beach
Benjamin H. Scranton House
118 Middle Beach
Grover A. Whalen House
c. 1914  
95 Old Toll Road
James Hill 2nd House
c. 1850  
10 Old 79
Pinch Sister’s Barn
c. 1898  
117 Ridgewood Avenue
David S. Dowd House
c. 1852  
22 Scotland Avenue
Emerson and Annie Holbrook House
c. 1907  
63B Signal Hill
William Grave House
63C Signal Hill
Lane-Hull House
c. 1847  
45 Wall Street
Phineas Meigs House
c. 1733  
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