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Student Videos

While in-person contact has been curtailed during the coronavirus pandemic, the MHS has been hard at work creating virtual content for the young learners we typically meet at our school tours. These history videos for kids cover local history topics including the founding of Madison and a snapshot of life during the American Revolution. The MHS is grateful for the efforts of our volunteer reenactors, without whom we could not have completed these projects. Special thanks to Ciné Vérité Productions for the filming and editing of "Where Will Washington Sleep?"

We hope you enjoy these short educational films.

Daniel Hand

Daniel Hand’s life nearly spanned the entire nineteenth century. At a time when others were losing interest in the black man’s plight, Daniel Hand reached out to help those in desperate need. For his inspired philanthropy Daniel Hand is properly regarded as one of Madison's most distinguished sons.
Appropriate for Grades 5 and older

Cornelius Scranton Bushnell

One of Madison’s most famed native sons, he is descended from members of the company that founded Guilford within the Connecticut Colony in 1639. He started his career as a merchant marine but went on to become a successful railroad executive. He is remembered for the important role he played in the development of the first ironclad ship produced during the Civil War.
Appropriate for Grades 3 and older

Captain Frederick Lee

The story of Captain Frederick, a Madison native who is often referred to as the father of the Coast Guard. A war hero who spent much of his life aboard ships, he is remembered for his heroism during the War of 1812, the establishment of Lee’s Academy—an institution of higher learning, and as one of the founders of the town of Madison.
Appropriate for Grades 3 and older

Meet Mrs. Madison

Longtime MHS volunteer Linda Juliani portrays former First Lady Dolley Madison in this short film. She talks to students about James Madison’s life as president of the United States, tells the story of how the White House was burned during his administration, describes the parties she hosted, and explains how a small coastal town in New England came to be named for the nation's fourth president.
Appropriate for Grades 2 and 3

Where Will Washington Sleep?

This short play was written by former MHS student intern Amanda Hurlburt. It takes place in a home in Madison where two local goodwives discuss the news that George Washington is traveling through town and needs a place to sleep for the night. Students will learn about varied aspects of colonial cultural and social life as the women compare the special qualities and characteristics of the hospitality they each hope to offer the General.
Appropriate for Grades 2 and 3

Memorial Day Remembrances

A collaboration between the Madison Historical Society and the Madison Public Schools to help students make the connections between the wars they study and the real people who served. Students in grades four through eight were selected by their teachers to present these short remembrances.
Appropriate for Grades 4 - 8

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