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Match your skills and interests to our needs.

Volunteer hours are flexible. Work as little as two hours a week or let us help you fill your schedule!

Volunteers in front of Lee's Academy at the 2014 Remarkable Homes Tour.

Archives: We have items to accession and items to add to our collections database. Do you have a few hours weekly to evaluate, describe, and enter information into our museum software? Call us!

Library/Media: We need help organizing our research library. Are you detail-oriented? Do you enjoy creating systems? The MHS needs you!

Buildings and Grounds: Volunteers are needed to help with upkeep and improvement of our buildings and their landscapes. Lend us your green thumb and get involved!

Publicity: The MHS needs volunteers with writing and graphic design experience to create flyers, ads, postcards, and press releases. Other volunteers may help us prepare mailings or distribute publicity materials as needed to promote upcoming events. Help us get the word out!

Image Research: We need to organize and curate our large collection of photographs and postcards. Do you have a good eye for design? Do you like to dig into a project with both hands? This is the job for you!  

Historic Preservation: Do you have an interest in architectural history and local architecture? The MHS needs help researching, reporting on, and advocating for local preservation issues.

Grant Writing: Do you have experience in communications and/or grants? All MHS educational programs rely on grant funding. If your skills include sleuthing for new sources of revenue, the MHS can put your talents to use!

Event Planning: Our programs and events require the help of many people. Do you have event planning experience? Are you good at managing special projects? Do you love a parade? Please join our events committee!

Special Events and Programming

MHS Antiques Fair
Fourth Saturday in August

Vendors of fine antiques and collectibles from across the region come together for this one-day event in what has become the largest and most anticipated outdoor fair of its kind on the shoreline. Help us mark out the vendor spaces the day before the Fair; help park our vendors on Saturday morning; take tickets from patrons on Saturday; provide general assistance to the exhibitors; join our clean-up and take-down crew just prior to and immediately following the end of the Fair. Adults and teens are welcome to volunteer.

Tour of Remarkable Homes
Fourth Sunday in June

The annual Tour of Remarkable Homes is hosted by the Madison Historical Society on the last Sunday in June. Funds raised through this annual event are used for the maintenance of our historic properties, for the conservation of our collection, and for our educational programming. Volunteers are needed to assist with ad sales in our program booklet; assist with parking or ticket sales; act as a house docent.

Historic Building Plaque Program

Madison is important both as an early shoreline settlement. The local architecture reflects distinct periods in Madison's heritage. The MHS offers its Historic Building Plaque Program to owners of all town properties that predate 1930. Volunteers are needed to do in-depth primary-source deed research and documentation of historic properties. Compile research and supplementary information to create binders for the building owner and for the MHS archives.

Educational Programs for Children and Adults

The Madison Historical Society is dedicated to providing quality educational experiences for its members and visitors. These programs expand the learning process well beyond mere observation of the objects in our collection. Join our education team to give curriculum-linked programs at the Allis-Bushnell House or on the green. Help us create interesting and informative programs for our membership and the public. Secure speakers/presenters/performers; arrange for meeting space; assist with publicity; coordinate the set-up team.

To explore any of these opportunities, please call 203-245-4567 or send an email to  You can also complete the volunteer form below and send it to us by email.

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