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  1. Toy magic lantern. Magic lanterns were an early form of projector, used for both entertainment and education. They were developed in the 1600s but most commonly used during the 1800s. By the 1900s toy versions like this one were popular. They used miniature slides and a light from a candle placed inside. 


  1. FlycatcherPut some sweet juice or honey inside. With a small opening, the flies will get tempted in but drown or get trapped inside. The bottles had cork stoppers at the top. This one dates from 1880 but has lost its stopper. 


  1. Tape loom. These were used for weaving simple bands of cloth, which were then used for binding, trimming, and decorative touches. Most of these looms were handheld but this loom has a clamp to attach to a tabletop. It dates from the early 1800s. 


  1. Oil lamp. This is an ancient type of lamp that was designed to hang on a wall or from a ceiling and burn fat or oil. This design is called a Betty lamp. It was one of the simplest and most common lamps used before gas or electric lamps. 


  1. Turnpike Toll Gun. When I-95, also known as the Connecticut Turnpike, had toll booths (and before the days of E-Z pass!), this device could be used for shooting quarters, nickels, or tokens into the toll booth receptacle. Hopefully, it improved your aim and made it easier to get your coins in the basket without missing and having to get out of the car. 


  1. Candlewick trimmer and snuffer. When candles were the main form of household lighting, a candle snuffer was essential. But this handy device would also trim the candle wick to keep it from getting dangerously long. 
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