School Tours

The education of youngsters is a cornerstone of the mission of the Madison Historical Society. Our children’s programs are updated annually to ensure that we offer community-oriented learning opportunities for learners of all ages.

Our goal is to design creative, interactive programs that encourage children to discover history together. Through programs aligned with the Connecticut Social Studies Framework standards, we aim to ensure that students and teachers enjoy meaningful educational experiences.

With school curricula in mind, we have created programs for that focus on the history of Madison's people, places, and events. We thank our neighbors at the Deacon John Grave House, the Charlotte L. Evarts Memorial Archives, and the First Congregational Church for their collaboration in our collective efforts.

MHS history-based school programs provide age-appropriate, hands-on, and interactive components that encourage student engagement. Each learner returns to the classroom with a greater understanding of the history of Madison.

Our programs seek to help students:

  • Develop historical thinking skills, including chronological thinking and recognizing change over time.
  • Use historical thinking skills to develop an understanding of major historical periods, issues, and trends in local and Connecticut history.
  • Apply their understanding of historical periods, issues and trends to examine such historical themes as ideals, beliefs, and institutions; conflict and conflict resolution; human movement and interaction; and science and technology in order to understand how the world came to be the way it is.
  • Recognize the continuing importance of historical thinking and historical knowledge in their own lives and in the world in which we live.

Additional content standards in the arts, language studies, and geography are also addressed.

How to Schedule a Visit

Advance reservations are required. Please book at the beginning of the school year. To book your trip or to ask any questions, please contact the MHS office manager at 203.245.4567 or send an e-mail to

Due to COVID-19 school tours may be postponed or cancelled. Please call for latest information.

Full payment is due on or before the day of the tour. We accept cash and checks made payable to the Madison Historical Society. The cost is $4 per child. Adults are free.

The MHS will send a confirmation email with an invoice and any additional necessary information.

For a comprehensive description of our school programs and the content standards they support, visit our Teacher Resources page.

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