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Albert L. Hill House

circa 1850 ♦ 518 Boston Post Road

The Albert L. Hill House at 518 Boston Post Road stands upon land that Albert Hill's relative, Noah Hill, originally owned. Samuel Brown Hill bought 518 Boston Post Road and the adjacent 524 Boston Post Road in 1834 for $47. In 1848, Albert L. Hill purchased 5 acres from Samuel Brown Hill for $666. Albert Hill, like the rest of his family, was a prominent ship and homebuilder in Madison. Hill constructed numerous houses in Madison and built his own sometime between 1848 and 1852. Hill lived with his wife, Abigail Hill, in the house until his death in 1881.

After Albert Hill's death, Abigail Hill continued to live in the house but sold various portions of the land surrounding the house. In 1881, Abigail sold four and a half acres at the rear of the property to Oscar S. Stannard for $212. In 1892, Stannard sold his four and a half acres to George Augustus Wilcox. Wilcox was born on September 20, 1830, in Madison and attended Lee Academy before studying law at Yale. Wilcox lived in Georgia and Detroit before returning to Madison in the early 1890s. In 1893, the Town of Madison seized part of Wilcox's land to build Middle Beach Road.

In 1894, Abigail Hill sold her remaining land to Jonathan S. Hoyt and Mary Hoyt for $400. The Hoyts held the land until they sold it to Edward J. and Ruth K. Marsh in 1917. In 1925, Allen H. and Lillian Sabin purchased the house from the Marshes. Additionally, the Sabins also purchased the portion of the land that Abigail Hill had sold to George Wilcox. Thus, the Sabins reconnected the 5 acres that Albert Hill had originally owned. The Sabins sold one and a half acres of the land at the rear of the property to Benjamin Scranton in 1927. From 1932 to 1934, Raymond Warren Applegate lived in the house and cared for Allen Sabin until Sabin's death.

In 1934, after Allen Sabin's death, Laura Proescholdt purchased the house. Proescholdt inhabited the house until 1940 when she sold it to Frederick A. Briggs who sold the house in 1942 to Jane B. Dunn. Dunn sold the house a few months later to George C. Conway who sold the house a few months later to Dorothy B. Neff. Neff owned the house until 1974. During her ownership, Ness divided the property and sold part to the Madison Company in 1961 and the house to Fred and Ann Ewing in 1974. The Ewings sold the house 20 years later to Richard and Maureen Snell.

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