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John A. Hill House

514 Boston Post Road

circa 1850

Federal /Greek Revival

At the time the Hill brothers’ homes were built, the Hill family had been residents of the town for more than 100 years. The brothers’ ancestors are listed on the 1720 census. Like Albert, John was a blockmaker, during the era when wooden sailing ships were constructed at Madison wharves.  John also made spars and pumps in a shop once located somewhere on this property.

Built about 1850, John’s home is also a Federal/Greek Revival structure, simply built and modestly sized. By the 1970s, the interior of John’s house was cleared of some of its first-floor partitions; thereafter, that story featured a great room with a contemporary, freestanding brick fireplace, open on both sides, in the middle of the opened area.

Like its neighbor, this home has recently been thoughtfully restored with a clear eye toward preservation.  Like other homeowners in this protected district, the current owners applied to the Historic District Commission for review of their restoration and renovation plans. After review of their plans, they were awarded a Certificate of Appropriateness that allowed them to proceed with their proposed site work. The beauty of these guidelines and regulations is that the architectural integrity of the district is preserved—and all citizens of and visitors to Madison can enjoy the visual pleasure and cultural legacy of this lovely trio of homes on the south of the roadway. 

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