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Albert L. Hill House

518 Boston Post Road 

circa 1830

Federal /Greek Revival

This elegant house, recently and thoughtfully renovated, is part of a cluster of three charming homes near the western end of the historic district. The mile-long stretch of the Boston Post Road between present-day East Wharf and West Wharf streets was once commonly referred to as Main Street, with the downtown section between Wall Street and present-day Route 79 being called Broadway on some maps. Albert Hill and his brother John Hill, who was his next-door neighbor to the west, lived at the outer end of the village green district, which lies in the area of town once known as the Centre District.

The architecture of Albert’s home was fairly standard for its era and style. Built around 1830 and expanded over time, as is true for many houses, it is well proportioned and attractive, even in its simplicity. It features two pediments—one on the front with a rectangular window and another on the two-story ell added on the west side. Its recessed front door is flanked by paneled pilasters.

According to the historic resources inventory done in the mid-1970s, it has some unusual window trim in its front room, and it features two stone and brick fireplaces with granite hearths; one of the fireplaces has a beehive bread oven and a woodbox.

While the home was also then described as “undistinguished” and “of no particular note,” the perspective of the present day makes clear that the house is among the iconic treasures of local distinctiveness. We now know that it warrants the special respect and protection that its current owners have bestowed upon it.

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