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For more information about the USS Monitor, the USS Virginia, and the Battle of Hampton Roads, you may enjoy checking the websites of:

The USS Monitor Center at the Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia

Hampton Roads Naval Museum

U.S. Naval Historical Center

Naval History and Heritage Command

NOAA Ocean Explorer

John Ericsson Memorial, D.C.


In addition to information researched on the websites listed above, the preceding text was compiled with information gathered from the following texts:

The Story of the Monitor: The First Naval Conflict Between Ironclad Vessels. William S. Wells.Issued by the Cornelius S. Bushnell National Memorial Association, New Haven, CT; 1899.

The Story of the Monitor and the Merrimac. Rev. Samuel C. Bushnell. New Haven, CT.

Aboard the USS Monitor: 1862 The Letters of Acting Paymaster William Frederick Keeler to His Wife, Anna. Naval Letters Series: Volume One. William F. Keeler. United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD, 1964.

Monitor: The Story of the Legendary Civil War Ironclad and the Man Whose Invention Changed the Course of History. James Tertius de Kay. Walker and Company, New York; 1997.

Wells, William S., Cornelius S. Bushnell, John Ericsson, and Gideon Welles. The Original United States Warship “Monitor.”: Copies of Correspondence Between the Late Cornelius S. Bushnell, Captain John Ericsson and Hon. Gideon Welles. Together with a Brief Sketch of Mr. Bushnell’s Life … Records Showing How the Plans of the Monitor Were Urged Upon the Government and Finally Adopted. New Haven, CT: Cornelius S. Bushnell National Memorial Association, 1899. – page/n5/mode/2up

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