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The project’s architect is duly licensed in the State of Connecticut, has a minimum of 20 years of experience in historic preservation, provided pertinent references, and complies with the BIDDING, CONTRACTING & CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES FOR STATE PROGRAMS  and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties with Guidelines for Preserving, Rehabilitating, Restoring & Reconstructing Historic Properties.

The Architect’s Work included the production of designs, specifications, construction drawings and certain certifications for:

  1. ADA compliant access at the rear of Lee’s Academy, including consideration of any interference with the existing second-floor staircase.
  2. Necessary repairs to the front apron and two front entryways of Lee’s Academy.
  3. ADA-complying public washroom facility on the first floor, including any plumbing modifications.
  4. Alteration to the central support structure to provide one large uninterrupted space.
  5. HVAC for the entire two-floor building.
  6. Electrical upgrades as necessary.
  7. Installation of an attractive Federal Style exhibit room with necessary vitrines and display spaces.
  8. UV protection for existing windows
  9. Museum-quality lighting for the exhibit space.

The Architect’s Work required certain certifications or approvals including:

  1. The Architect is duly licensed by the State of Connecticut to provide the Work under contract.
  2. All Work provided complies with applicable Codes, Standards and Regulations and is suitable for the intended purpose.
  3. Flood Management Certification application and submission to DECD for review and subsequent certification to DEEP.
  4. Acquire Building Permit and check building lines, zoning regulations, local ordinances, codes or other pertinent regulations or restrictions.
  5. Obtain all necessary local, state, federal and utility companies’ approvals and any special permits, variances or waivers that may be required.

The Architect is required to remain available for consultation or testimony after submission of the Work, at a stated per diem rate, while the Good-to-Great grant is active.  All designs, specifications, plans, schedules, copyright and other Work documents provided under this Contract become the property of the MHS upon completion of the Work.

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