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Add your voice.

In this fascinating time of challenge, resilience, ingenuity, and, sometimes, heartbreak, we invite you to record your experiences and your insights.

What has given you courage? What has brought you joy? What has frightened you? What makes you strong? 

How have you passed your time in isolation? How have you helped others through this journey? Who would you call a local hero or cheerleader?

These oral histories will be vital to future citizens and scholars!

Here's how you record a high-quality voice memo.

  1. Write down your story, and polish each sentence before you record.
  2. Find a quiet spot to record. Your smartphone has a high-quality microphone and will pick up ambient noises.
  3. Speak clearly and slowly.
  4. Keep your recording brief. A minute or two is just right.
  5. If you make an error, erase and rerecord.
  6. Label your recording MHS Pandemic Recording, followed by your name. So: MHS Pandemic Recording Jane Doe.

Follow the link for step-by-step instructions on how to make a Voice Memo Recording on Your iPhone.

When you've finished your recording, send your file to us by clicking below on FILE UPLOAD.

Be sure to click SUBMIT once the file uploads.

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