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MHS Gift Guide

The MHS relies entirely on gifts and grants to meet its operating expenses, offer its exhibitions and education programs, and support its comprehensive preservation projects. Unrestricted gifts to ensure that the MHS achieves its mission are greatly appreciated. However, many individuals prefer to give to specific areas. Gifts to a specific area are welcomed at a minimum of $100. If you make your gift by mail, simply note the program or project you would like to support. If you make your gift online, please send a corresponding email to our office to direct your gift to the area of your choice.

Your support to strengthen our organization and fulfill our vision for the future is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!


Staff Photographer
The MHS photographer documents our collection and manages the MHS Flickr page, sharing the images with the public. $200 monthly

Library Consultant
The MHS needs a library consultant to assess and archive its large collection of print materials and to improve our office organization system so as to increase public access to our collections. $500 to $15,000 

Summer Internships
The MHS employs summer interns to assist with organization, research projects, collections management, marketing efforts, and much more. $1,500 per intern


Tour of Remarkable Homes
Our premier fundraiser, the Tour is also an educational event that celebrates the architecture and cultural history of Madison. Your gift defrays the cost of promotional materials, advertising, security personnel, and the stipend of our events coordinator. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. $100 or more

Holiday Lantern Tour
Our annual Holiday Lantern Tour is one of our most popular events. Your gift defrays the cost of promotional materials, advertising, costuming, and refreshments. Gifts of all sizes are welcome. $100 or more

MHS Website
Essential to our education program and our public outreach, the MHS website informs the public with invaluable educational information about our town, its history, and its culture. It informs the public about MHS events and programs. Your gift defrays the costs of website maintenance and hosting. $100 or more

Educational Programs 
Our year-round programs for youth and adults are directly tied to our mission. Our youth programs align with the Madison public school curriculum and current school content standards. Financial support bolsters these programs and also helps us create new youth programs not affiliated with the schools. Our adult education programs include the History Book Group, the Frederick Lee Lectures, History Happy Hours, and other ventures. $100 to $5,000

Plaque Program
This program provides invaluable historic information to the owners of Madison’s historic properties as well as to the public. The fee the MHS charges each homeowner does not cover our costs for deed research, the inspection of the architectural historian, the creation of the final report, or the plaques themselves. $100 or more

Historic Preservation Fund
The MHS wishes to establish a fund that supports and advocates for the preservation of the historic architecture and built environment of Madison. Help us to grow a revolving fund that creates and preserves historic districts; protects residences, ruins, and remnants; and educates the public about the benefits of preservation. $1,000 or more


Collections Care

Archival Materials
Help us purchase essential items for the protection and storage of priceless archival materials, textiles, costumes, and objects in the MHS collection. $100 or more

Collections Management and Work Space Upgrades
Tables, shelving, and an organized space are needed for our artifact care manager to prepare treasured objects for proper storage. $100 to $5,000

Book Shelving Units
Secure, enclosed bookcases with adjustable shelves will help secure and protect Madison’s historic books. $100 to $5,500 

Digitization of Film and Audio Collections 
Hiring a professional company to digitize our media will ensure that future generations have access to this unique part of our collection. $2,500

Costume Management
Our extensive collection of historic clothing needs special care and special storage materials. Help us document and store our clothing in a clean, organized environment. $400 to $3,500


Refurbish the Annex
Home to our collection of maritime and agricultural tools, implements, and objects, the Annex needs new lighting and signage. $100 to $5,000

Custom Shelving
Help us purchase appropriate storage for our portraits and framed artwork. $5,000

Docent Program
A docent training program will allow us to open the Allis-Bushnell House for public tours and exhibits throughout the year. Jump-start the organization of this essential workforce. $500 to $1,000

Lawn & Garden
The MHS plans to redesign our back lawn and garden to allow improved visitor enjoyment of this unique village setting. Help us initiate our future plans for the space. $100 to $5,000

Outdoor Tent
Help us to prepare for educational programs, social events, and rental opportunities on the lawn of the Allis-Bushnell House. $800 to $2,000

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