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Shoreline Quilters Guild’s Harvest of Quilts 2019 displaying artifacts from the MHS collections with Exhibits Chair Tricia Roysto

Learning Beyond Observation

Education is an important part of the Society’s mission to protect and preserve Madison’s diverse cultural history. The Madison Historical Society offers many programs for visitors of all ages to discover the people, places, and events that shaped and defined our past. We believe that constant references to common past experiences nurture and sustain a sense of community that links past, present, and future citizens.

Our education programs expand the learning process well beyond mere observation of the objects in our collection. We provide opportunities for both the examination of historical artifacts and for conversation about historical lifeways and cultural trends.

Adult Education Programs

Joel Helander speaking at 2019 Lee Lectures on the Faulkkner Island Lighthouse Keeperthe

The Frederick Lee Lectures are an annual slate of three themed lectures offered to the public most typically in January, February, and March. The guest historians, authors, musicians, artists, and actors present on topics ranging from historic persons, places, and events to matters of preservation, conservation, and stewardship.

The MHS History Book Group offers lively monthly discussions for people who share a love of reading and a love of history. Adults and teens are welcome. MHS membership is not required (but it is appreciated). Books are often available on reserve at the Scranton Library.

MHS Field Trips to off-site locations allow members and visitors to enjoy unique opportunities for discovery. For instance, a visit to the MHS’s Smallpox Burying Ground offers the chance to learn about local soldiers who fought in the French and Indian War--and the regional smallpox epidemics that further endangered their lives.

Conversations with the Curator are members-only opportunities to hear the stories of intriguing and notable items from the MHS collection. Offered at occasional intervals, these casual and informative conversations, often with guest presenters, are led by MHS Exhibits Chair Tricia Royston, other MHS trustees, or staff. New members are welcome to join at the door.


Madison & the Evolution of Style: A Virtual Lecture Series

As part of our Conversations with the Curator, the MHS launched a three-part lecture series entitled “Madison and the Evolution of Style," in May 2021. The talks led by Guilford native and costume artisan Tori Timmins explore the ways that social and cultural issues influenced clothing choices. Each presentation focuses on a particular century and features garments, jewelry, and accessories from the period. The virtual presentations were live-streamed via Zoom from the Allis-Bushnell House.

Click on the YouTube link below to view the videos:


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