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The Frederick Lee Lectures: Sugar, Slavery, and Social Justice

February 14 @ 4 PM
Presenter: Dennis Culliton

Dennis Culliton, retired middle school teacher and passionate historian, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Witness Stones Project. Begun in 2017, the Witness Stones Project seeks to restore the history and honor the humanity and contributions of the enslaved individuals who helped build our communities. Working with students and local groups, the Project unearths the untold histories of the enslaved peoples to tell the truth of Northern slavery and to change the local historical narrative

Culliton will continue the conversation in February with his presentation, “The Witness Stones Project: Finding Slavery in Madison and Guilford.” His presentation celebrates the lives and contributions of Theophilus, Lettuce, and Pompey, three enslaved people held captive in East Guilford by the Hodgkin, Todd, and Chittenden families. Culliton will explain the mission of the Witness Stones Project navigating a path toward healing and growth through remembrance and reconciliation.


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