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Colored lithograph of George Washington in profile by Frederick Reynolds, 1919

Colored lithograph of George Washington by Frederick Reynolds, 1919

Mission of the Madison Historical Society

The mission of the Madison Historical Society is to make all Madison citizens aware of our history by linking the past with the present in order to inform our future.

Our goals are to:

  • sponsor programs and maintain venues that enable public appreciation of Madison’s history and its relevance to all residents and visitors;
  • protect the historic character of Madison by being good stewards of our collection and our properties and by advocating for preservation of Madison’s historic structures and places;
  • celebrate the elements of Madison’s cultural history that create and bind our community.


Vision Statement

The vision of the Madison Historical Society is to preserve the past and protect the future by:

  •    collecting, preserving, and interpreting artifacts and information that illustrate Madison’s cultural history;
  •    encouraging broad public engagement through exhibits, educational programs, publications, social media, activities, and events for all ages.
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